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Moonlight Internet Radio, Ghana
"Let Your Light

How To Listen to Us
Follow these instructions below

Use this button if you use Winamp, MusicMatch, Quick time, etc player
Select open instead of save in case you are prompted

To listen to live broadcast with Windows Media Palyer 7.1 and above, Follow these steps

Copy the link below exactly as it is below

2) Open Window media player. Go to Start - programs - Accessories - Entertainment

In Windows Media player, Click file and click on open URL or press Ctrl + U

Paste the link you copied in the 'open' box in Open URL dialogue in windows media player

Click on OK

If you have any proble listening to the live broadcast,


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Our Aim

Our dear listeners would be our main focus, and we shall at all times be guided by their needs and wants.

We aim to reach everybody as we intent to promote Ghana to tourists from other countries. We have identified that, Ghana can benefit from its tourist industry, which has long been forgotten.

One big dream of the Moonlight Internet radio station is to enhance democratic process at a local and National level by giving voice to the voiceless. Also such an outlet will help in increasing diversity of content and information at the local level in order to promote culture. It also encourages participation, sharing information and innovations.

Moonlight Internet Radio will serve a wide range of musical and program tastes, and will have a listener base not only in Ghana but the entire world. We are already in the process of acquiring a dedicated media-streaming server.


Moonlight Internet Radio
Brong Ahafo



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